Taxes For Inherited Property

For inherited property or gifted property, the holding period of the grantor usually travels with the property. Therefore it can […]

Move Your Property Out-Of-State

There is a way to move your property out of town, out-of-state, out of your name, out of your estate, […]

Buying In The Name Of A Trust

Investors trying to buy from banks, Fannie Mae and other bureaucracies are often hindered by buying in the name of a […]

FHA Stops New Credit Law

On July 1, 2012 FHA stops new credit law with new, tougher credit rules were to be applied. Up to […]

New Laws On 1031 Exchanges

Several states are adopting some form of the Federation of Exchange Accomodator’s (FEA) model law ( CA, CO, ME, NH, […]