Investing IRA Money Double Your Account This Year

In order to increase the return on your IRA account you must have immediate access to your funds. You form the trust described in the "Map to Your Gold Mine". Your trustee signs checks for your loans, options, or contract deposits. You do not need the approval of your custodian, although you are required to have an account with the custodian. At your direction, they invest your funds into your trust which is in your corner bank. Now you are able to take advantage of many of the opportunities for loans, options, or purchases that investors come across on a routine basis.

Many investors achieve returns of 50% to 200% per year. Buying realtor's commissions is one of the many techniques you can use to double your IRA account. I offered a friend, who was a realtor $2800 for her commission of $3500 that was due in 4 to 6 weeks. That is 25% profit and if you could do that six times a year that would be 150%. She thought that was fair offer. As a broker, I have been solicited by two national companies that buy real estate commissions. They find there is a lucrative market there. They tell me that they have a 90% repeat business from the same realtors. I think everyone knows some realtors and with the recent market problems many are possible sellers. What if the sale doesn't close? How do you secure the loan? What type of contract do you use? These are solvable problems that you can perfect. There are notes, contracts, liens, signed checks, and other commercially common documents to resolve this. Holding children in bondage until paid is not recommended, as they might not be redeemed.


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