Investor Alert: Save 1031 Exchange From Elimination

All investors that deal in real estate should be interested in preserving the 1031 tax-free exchange. Please help.

More must be done to reach out to all Members of Congress to persuade and educate them about the strong economic benefits of this provision and the extensive consequences of Section 1031 repeal. In our grassroots campaign, FEA members and others concerned with Section 1031 have sent more than 36,000 letters to Members of Congress. Every Senator in Congress has received at least one letter concerning the preservation of like-kind exchanges. Members in California have received thousands of letters, and legislators in Texas and Colorado have received several hundred. More letters are needed. A goal of 100,000 letters by the end of the year has been set, and we must all help to reach it.

You can help the FEA reach every legislator by sending letters through, and encouraging your clients and contacts to do the same. Our selected text can help.

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