Short Sale Bootcamp

June 10-11, 2019

The Godfrey Hotel & Cabana Tampa
7700 West Courtney Campbell Causeway, Tampa, FL 33607

I will be talking about land trusts holding title to a short sale property.

 Also, I will cover selling, partnering, financing, and other strategies.

Short Sale Bootcamp

Real estate investors,

Short Sale Bootcamp

I would like to cover 3 proven, unique and highly profitable strategies:

1) Land Trust course:
These are for holding title to real estate and are referred to as a trust. In 6 states with a trust statute they are referred to as land trusts, otherwise just "a trust".
There are dozens of benefits, the greatest being privacy of ownership. Avoiding probate, and judgments are among its features. They provide the best platform purchasing, managing, partnering, financing and estate planning. Thousands of investors form their own trusts with lawyer written forms have been tested over 30 years in all 50 states. The course includes an all day video of a live class, the only trust book with the laws of all 50 states by attorney Mark Warda, all forms CD with 35+ forms, sample documents and more. We will review trusts for clients and answer questions.

2) Lease Option course:
Unique strategies to buy and sell. Learn how you can depreciate the property and receive other tax benefits without ownership. A special virtual option for tenants eliminates the requirement foreclose a regular option. We discuss 15+ profitable option strategies that are well tested. An all day video is provided along with sample documents and 30+ forms. Options present the highest leverage and the least risk of any investment strategy. Options can be used for real estate, notes, mobile homes and any kind of personal property.

3) Trusts for holding IRA funds:
This trust is used by an investor to hold his IRA funds in his corner bank with immediate access to the funds with his trustee signing the checks. This avoids the cost or delay of going through the custodian for a check. Rapid re-investment of IRA funds will vastly improve the yield of the IRA account. Thousands of IRA owners use this trust to turbocharge their retirement account.

I hope to see you there.

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