A Letter To Bill Gates


Recently it came to my attention (and also many Floridians) that Bill Gates has been buying up huge tracts of Farmland in Florida and other places!  Since his goal is Privacy (see the article) and since LLCs are clearly not working, I’m inviting Mr. Gates to our Trust Seminar Sat. Dec. 13th here in Tampa!http://www.producenews.com/news-dep-menu/test-featured/14392-bill-gates-linked-to-farmland-purchases-in-north-florida-may-be-looking-elsewhere-in-the-southeast

Dear Bill Gates,
You are invited to a Trust class in Tampa December 13, 2014. Thousands of investors nationwide use trusts to buy and sell property privately.Bill you have built substantial net worth, and now you are devoting your time and assets to help others.  But who is helping you?  Because I believe in the value of what you are doing for others, I want you to have the best advice possible, and right now I don't think you're getting it.   That is why I have invited you to the seminar in December.Your efforts to buy land in Florida, Georgia and elsewhere privately, using LLCs (Public Records)  were uncovered by the Wall Street Journal and the Produce News.  This has put you at unnecessary risk since now every ambulance chasing attorney in Florida knows that your well funded charitable organization is the owner.Come and meet people who buy, sell, partner, manage, and finance in complete privacy. It has been done for over 100 years in all 50 states. The cost is $175.  This cost will be waived if you're willing to help me install some of the Microsoft programs that have been giving me trouble!

Also, free dinner; all-you-can-eat Cuban food for out of town students.
Jack Shea

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