Locating Investment Properties In The Hidden Market

Some Recent Data:  US household consumer debt.

Average credit card debt $15,863

Average mortgage debt $156,584

Average student loan debt $33,000

The National Association of Realtors and Forbes

reported that just recently the plans for home ownership have increased. In the buildup before the crash, homeownership reached close to 70%. It then declined to the low 60s and now is headed back to 65%. Apartment dwellers recently decided to shop for homes due to: high rents, low availability, low interest rates and the other benefits of home ownership – growth, tax benefits, etc.

The forecast for home prices is to rise 4.6% per year through 2018. The improved economy and slightly higher wages has resulted in aspirations for homeownership.

Where can investors find properties in a hot market?

Distressed sellers.        Bank REO's.       FSBO's

Wholesalers                  Rehabbers           Bird dogs

Craigslist, etc.               Code violations  Mailings

Realtors                        Probate                Doorknocking

Tax Deeds                    Attorneys             CPAM


A large group of investors was asked which strategies they used.  They averaged four different methods to purchase properties.



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