Power Up Your IRA Using Options

Option a property with a $500 check from your checkbook. Sources are out of town owners, expired listings, vacant houses, etc. Three months to close. Price – wholesale, less realtor, advertising and other marketing costs. Schedule a highest bidder sale. Use flyer ads, bandit signs, and all other local media at your disposal.  Investors are netting $10,000 and more on these sales. You can do the same. Pay someone else to do the work so you do not have a conflict with your IRA. Jackie Lange at Cash Flow Depot has information on that topic. It would be a good investment.  Options deliver the highest leverage and the least risk than any other investment tool.  They can be used for personal property, notes, and real estate. Options are salable, exchangeable, portable, mostly invisible, assignable, mortgageable and have many features that are not available with other devices.

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