There are many types of options that investors can use in real estate, note, and personal property investments. Options control the property for a minimum investment so that during the option period certain objectives can be met.

  1. Purchase and Sale Contract-Buyer has the option to close or not
  2. Purchase/Option Back-Buyer gives the seller the right to buy back the option
  3. Listing Option-Sell and make more than normal commissions
  4. Management Option-Get an option to purchase in a management agreement
  5. Installment Purchase Option-For property or notes, pay installments or quit
  6. Rehab Loan Option-Give rehaber option to pay loan and keep the gain
  7. Shared Appreciation Option-Property or notes, give the lender part of the gain
  8. Defensive Options-Recorded option protects the equity
  9. IRA Options-High leverage options best for turbocharging IRA account
  10. 1031 Exchange Option-Options can be exchanged for real estate or options
  11. Many More....

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