Retirement Planning

Almost 60% of workers in the US said they have less than $25,000 in investments and savings for retirement according to a survey by The Employee Benefit Research Institute. Only about 14% of workers feel confident they have enough money for a comfortable retirement. This is down from a high of 27% in 2007.

Real estate investors have a unique position to capitalize on investment opportunities that they see on a regular basis. They have an ability to option properties or put them under contract for a small deposit. They could assign the option or the contract for considerable gain. The contract or option binder could come from their IRA account. This account should be in your corner bank where you have check book control and the ability to take immediate action, without the delay or approval of your custodian. Thousands of investors are doing this nationwide. I have been doing it for 10 years.

Get the map to your gold mine, so you can do the same.

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