The Sky Is The Limit – Double Your IRA

The Sky is the Limit.

I have been exhorting friends, students, and clients to double their IRA every year by taking check book control of their funds. Many are doing that and some are doing better than double. That target is now shown to be woefully short of possibilities. Read the attached Wall Street Journal article from March 29, 2012. It shows that Mitt Romney, possibly the next president, has over $100 million in his IRA. He and other Bain Capital employees have gotten returns of about 500% on the Sealy Corporation.

Visioncare had a 46-fold return and others were also extremely successful. Some investors are reluctant to use options to return high leverage profits to their IRA for fear of IRS inspection. Raise the bar, get aggressive because the future is uncertain and present has opportunities. I doubt if the IRS will take on Mitt Romney or anyone else. The government’s goal is to have people secure their own retirement; that is why the IRA was created.

I wish you success in your real estate investing!

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