Unknown Uses For IRA Checkbook Control Trusts

All IRA accounts can have a Checkbook Control Trust.




~Health Savings Account   HSA

~Education Account   Coverdale

The responsible party could be making dramatic earnings for the future healthcare and education of children and grandchildren. They can also be making large gains in their own retirement accounts.


Qualified Pension Plans can also use a Checkbook Trust. They include:

~Defined Benefit Plans

~Defined Contribution Plans

Individual 401(k) Plans

403b Plans for teachers

457 Plans for state and federal employees

These plans can be taken at retirement and rolled over to an IRA custodian. They can be then moved to an IRA Checkbook Trust and invested in real estate, notes, personal property, stocks, etc.  Pension plan administrators often do not advise the retiree of their options. They direct them to the annuity amount that they will be receiving.

The retiree with the Checkbook Trust can usually outperform any annuity payments. When the retiree dies, his heirs inherit the assets of the trust. The retiree with the annuity leaves  NO residual amount to his heirs. A major difference.

There are many at investment opportunities for retirees that do not wish to own real estate or notes. There are many safe and secure non-traded Real Estate Investment Trusts that pay 6.5% to 7% return. They also grow in value and pay down debt, if there is any.

I recently helped a retiring police officer move her $1 million retirement account to an IRA administrator. She then moved the money To a Checkbook Trust in her corner bank. She is now investing in real estate full-time and is outperforming the annuity by 100%.

Tell your family and friends about these opportunities.


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